ArtNowNY is an urban contemporary art gallery founded by Joseph Gross, an established art broker, curator, and patron of the arts. The gallery program showcases emerging and established artists working across mediums and genres who are pushing the boundaries of contemporary art practice. ArtNowNY continues to build upon the legacy of its sister gallery in San Francisco with the mission to build long term relationships with artists and to speak to the collector in everyone.

New York City is a home of progressive artistic expression backed by financial might. In the name of that progress, Joseph Gross Gallery concerns itself with the evolution of the traditional gallery.

ArtNowNY is a hub of creative genius in New York City, pulling from established and emerging artists of different styles, disciplines and background. We create an open forum between our artists, our community and our collectors ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship. Our primary concerns are to nurture and push our artists into new opportunities while creating a dialogue with our artist and collector base.

In addition, ArtNowNY educates our community by introducing them to local and global artistic movements. We believe that everyone is a collector at heart, and, as a result, we provide an array of artistic works to meet novice to advance collector concerns.