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  • Current Exhibit: Ryan Keeley and Hugo McCloud : From the mind of Mateo Mize


    Oct. 2012 NYC

    ArtNow NY Presents:


    “From the Mind of Mateo Mize”

    New York, October 24, 2012 – ArtNOwNY presents Ryan Keeley and Hugo McCloud. The works of these two artists balance powerful visual imagery and analysis of a culture in flux. Keeley and McCloud hold their weight in their respective mediums. Both present a concrete observance and examine the reel of endless content from their surroundings. Utilizing everyday industrial materials and varying techniques, their works mirror the evolution and decay found in an ever-changing landscape. Copper and steel radiators are used as canvas while a blowtorch is used as the brush. Industrial paints are bonded between layers of new age printing technology and distressed with stone. Techniques have been learned in the alleys of the city to the top of  the smokey mountains. It yields the product of our evolution, forged by the energy and muscle of two young artists. Keeley and McCloud have arrived from the seas of their individual pursuits and driven their flags into the ground of our generation’s eyes. -Mateo Mize

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